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Best Dressed Pizza

Some would say it's easy to make a pizza. We disagree. Every aspect of our recipes have been meticulously designed to create an exceptional taste.

We are three friends who started Bow Tie Pizza with the philosophy that an exceptional product and customer experience is our minimum standard, and that intentionality forms the basis of everything we do.  Each aspect of the pizza complements the others so that nothing overpowers or is hidden.  We want you to appreciate the flakiness of the dough, savour the unique flavour profile of our sauce, taste the quality of our premium ingredients, and enjoy the crisply baked cheese on top.  That’s our goal for every bite, every pizza, every time.


We appreciate the opportunity to share our love for great food and we treat every pizza that goes to your family as if it were going home to ours.

Best Dressed

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Quality Foods

Virtually every ingredient is made in house. We make our dough, cook and slice our meats, grate our cheese, and make both the pizza and pasta sauces in house. The extra care creates a difference you can taste.

Original Recipes

We have worked to create unique and flavourful recipe pizzas we call the "Best Dressed." Featuring unique sauces and specialty ingredients, one of these pizzas will surely become your new favourite!

Customer Service

We have invested in cutting edge technology tools and have instilled a customer service culture throughout our company. Every interaction with Bow Tie Pizza should be simple, professional, and enjoyable.

Meet our team

Dustin Blaine - Owner / Business Manager

Favourite Pizza: Beard of Zeus

Paul Hebert - Owner / Operations Manager

Favourite Pizza: Donair

Yanie Kosmas - Owner / Head Chef

Favourite Pizza: Mother of Dragons